Kiwi 812 – Chinese Chopping Knife

This Chinese Cleaver (8 inches)from Kiwi Brand is a heavy-weight knife with a thin strong blade made of stainless steel and a wood handle. The rectangular shape of the blade makes it a classic for the Asian kitchen. Inexpensive, yet hefty and sharp, you will find yourself using this cleaver on a daily basis. This is an essential item for any Thai kitchen.

This Chinese-style cleaver is just the right size for your Thai kitchen because it is not too small making it perfect for smashing garlic and chopping meat for Thai salads such as Larb Moo (North Eastern Thai Spicy Pork Salad). The super-sharp blade can cut through poultry bones, mince up meats, angle cut vegetables and much more. Because Thai recipes usually keep the meat on the bones, without a good heavy meat cleaver you will find it difficult to hack through the bones.

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