Stockel Ice cream dipper model A

Stockel Ice cream dipper model A
High quality catering model
Dipper filled with liquid which transmits heat from the hand to help cut through the ice cream, making serving easier
Not safe for use in dishwasher
Made in Germany

Modal number Diameter Size
40 45mm 1/40 ltr
30 49mm 1/30 ltr
24 51mm 1/24 ltr
20 56mm 1/20 ltr
16 59mm 1/16 ltr
12 67mm 1/12 ltr
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Additional information

model number

40, 30, 24, 20, 16, 12


45mm, 49mm, 51mm, 56mm, 59mm, 67mm


1/40Ltr, 1/30Ltr, 1/24Ltr, 1/20Ltr, 1/16Ltr, 1/12Ltr