Westmark 11812260 Potato cutter deluxe

The elegant variant
The very strong suction pad ensures firm hold
Easy to change inserts
3 ground knives and chisel inserts for different cutting thicknesses (12 x 12/10 x 10/9 x 9 mm) for slicing French fries, vegetables and fruit (eg for salads and dips), very effective suction foot. The elegant and stable version, with 3 ground knife inserts for different cutting thicknesses

TOP RATED FRENCH FRY CUTTER: Enjoy crisp, golden restaurant-style French fries, right in your own kitchen – it’s easy when you’re equipped with Westmark’s commercial-quality cutter. Great for making traditional or oven-baked fries, this heavy-duty cutter couldn’t be simpler to use. Just place a potato in the press, and then push down the handle to instantly create lots of uniform slices at once.
3 INTERCHANGEABLE BLADES: The elegant version blades are easily interchangeable blades. Customize thickness by choosing from different blades. The razor-sharp blade quickly slices potatoes into neat, uniform 3/8″-thick matchstick pieces choose 1/2″ or 1/4″ blade. Also for cutting appetizing fruit and vegetable sticks for finger food creations.
STRONG SUCTION PAD: The chipper has a strong suction pad on the base to hold it safely in place
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel