Westmark 18322270 Dough & pizza wheel / pizza cutter

Being used in family and restaurant kitchens all over the world, the Westmark Dough And Pizza Cutter has been a favorite among many. These customers rave about Westmark’s Dough And Pizza Cutter because of its high quality construction. You can call this tool a dough cutter, dough cutters, pizza cutter, best pizza cutter, pizza cutters or pizza cutter wheel, the point is this tool gets the job done!

CONVENIENTLY DESIGNED: This is the perfect tool for cutting the perfect slice. Cuts smoothly and stylishly across any topping, size, thickness, lasagna, fudge, pie crust, pastry dough and more! You will not be disappointed or your money back. We can guarantee you will not go back to another Dough And Pizza Cutter after using this one!

COMPACT DESIGN: Solid build. Sharp cutter. Good storage size. Stainless Steel.
EASY TO CLEAN: Use water and soap. Will not tarnish, stain, or discolor.
MAKES A PERFECT GIFT: A memorable gift for your friends, parents, relatives, during birthdays, holidays and more!

Additional information

Dimensions 18.8 x 6.85 x 2.3 cm